Profile Design T1 Plus Viper Carbon Clip-on Tt Bars

  • Profile Design T1 Plus Viper Carbon Clip-on Tt Bars
    Profile Design T1 Plus Viper Carbon Clip-on Tt Bars
    Profile Design
    Profile Design is a legend for a reason it makes products that do what they're supposed to. Case in point is the T1+ Viper Carbon Clip-on TT Bars. Combining an unprecedented level of adjustability with a lightweight, carbon fiber construction, the T1+ Viper bars provide a comfortable ride quality that will help you shave seconds in your battle against the clock. Profile Design made the T1+ Viper bars from a multi-directional carbon fiber. This not only shaves grams and increases rigidity, but it also creates a more compliant ride characteristic when you're out over the front wheel. However, when it comes to triathlons and time trials, two things trump all else comfort and aerodynamics. Luckily, the T1+ encompasses both. For comfort, the bar length has been made fully adjustable to accommodate for the inevitable change in your position over the season. Most impressively, the armrests have been injection molded and can be adjusted for length, width, angle, and rotation. Round all of this off with a comfortable, molded hand position, and you have a pair of TT bars that conform to every riding style and body type. For aerodynamics, the bars feature a J3 bracket that allows you lower or raise the angle of the extensions. This means that the lower-arm position can be precisely dialed-in to account for any variable like a change in helmet, frame, or base bar. And while you're making adjustments, we should note that the 6061-T6 aluminum forged brackets can mount to either 26. 0mm or 31. 8mm handlebars. So whether you're racing a traditional triathlon on drops, or clipping on to your favorite base bars, Profile Design has left the door open to mix it up. The Profile Design T1+ Viper Carbon Clip-On TT Bars are available in a gloss carbon finish and in one size. Please note that the T1+ is only compatible with 26. 0 and 31. 8mm handlebars.
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