Ridley Dean Rs Sram Force Complete Bike

  • Ridley Dean Rs Sram Force Complete Bike
    Ridley Dean Rs Sram Force Complete Bike
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    This triathlon season isn't your first rodeo. You've trained, you're ready, and now you need a gear-locker that's stacked to match your potential. And while we're not going to advice you on running shoes or wetsuits, we can tell you that the Ridley Dean RS/SRAM Force Complete Bike is the logical choice for your ride. For the Dean RS, Ridley pushed the boundaries of drag reduction by incorporating numerous proprietary design features like its F-Splitfork technology. F-Splitfork focuses on reducing the traffic jam of integrated drag around the wheel areas. To achieve this, Ridley placed long, slotted airfoils on the Monocoque 4ZA fork legs. These airfoils redirect the oncoming airflow away from the spokes, and allow the wheel to create a turbulent boundary layer above its surface and reduce drag. Ridley claims that this effectively reduces drag up to 6. 4%. Ridley also predicted a number of variables, and took a multi-stage approach to reducing the Dean's profile. After air passes through the fork's airfoils, the frame shape guides the flow onto a textured surface treatment that Ridley calls F-Surface. The F-Surface is applied at key points around the frame, and essentially operates as a trip wire. The rough surface creates a slight turbulence directly above the frame surface. This creates an artificial boundary layer that forces the laminar boundary layer towards the forward part of the frame to become turbulent. In summary, this process enables airflow to remain attached over more of the frame, and thus provides a lower level of integrated drag. According to Ridley, the F-Surface treatment adds an additional 3. 6% reduction in drag. The aero-advantage doesn't stop there. Internal cable routing takes the shift and brake cables through the frame to ensure a smooth air flow over the frame.
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