Schwalbe Ultremo Dd Tire Clincher

  • Schwalbe Ultremo Dd Tire Clincher
    Schwalbe Ultremo Dd Tire Clincher
    The Schwalbe Ultremo DD Clincher Tire has been designed with your favorite wheels in mind. That is to say, this is the type of practical tire you can put on your favorite lightweight wheels without thinking you are being sacrilegious in installing some crude winter training tire on your prize Zipps or Reynolds. Because, lets face it, we all prefer riding our best wheels whenever we can its just more fun. That said, we can hardly risk flats every ride. That's why we like the blend of durability and lightness of the Ultremo DD Tire. The DD stands for Double Defense which indicates that Schwalbe employs both their Snakeskin fabric protection from bead to bead and their HD Ceramic Guard as puncture protectors. The Snakeskin protects the sidewalls and the HD ceramic belt is for the middle of the tire to protect against more traditional glass and sticker pin pricks. It's made with a radial casing construction that allows the tire to flex better and absorb the irregularities of the road surface. The radial design also produces much less friction resulting in much longer tread life. The Schwalbe Ultremo DD Clincher Tire has an exceptional weight to durability ratio that will impress even the most finicky weight weenie. It's available in Black in 700c x 23 and 700c x 25.
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