Mavic Crossmax Slr 29in Wheelset

  • Mavic Crossmax Slr 29in Wheelset
    Mavic Crossmax Slr 29in Wheelset
    In a short amount of time, 29in wheels have grown from a disdained cult obsession to a World Cup winning phenomenon, and Mavic has been there every step of the way. Not satisfied with following the market trend of simply making a 26in wheel bigger, Mavic literally reinvented the wheel with the creation of the Crossmax SLR 29in Wheelset. Built from the exclusive Maxtal aluminum, and featuring a host of top-shelf proprietary technologies and alloys, the Crossmax SLRs are the lightest, stiffest, and fastest aluminum 29in wheelset in the Mavic war chest. Mavic's Crossmax SLR 29in Wheelset was developed with rider experience at the forefront of the design. In fact, the pros from teams Orbea, Cannondale, and Luna were integral in the research and development process. With their input, Mavic was able to make the SLR a wheelset that focuses on lightweight system design. The low 19/20 spoke count makes for a rigid wheelset that wants to accelerate and sprint out of the corners, and it doesn't hurt that this characteristic is aided by the low inertia ISM-3D rim design; where the 19mm wide rim's lower bridge is machined between the spoke holes. This is standard fare for Mavic, but the 3D aspect takes hold in the sidewalls being machined as well. The cumulative process allows greater weight savings, thus lower rotational weight for enhanced climbing and overall speed. The rims' rigidity and durability are further accentuated by Mavic's Fore technology. This is a drilling process for spoke attachment that only occurs on one of the two rim walls. Mavic claims that this system makes the rim four times more resistant to fatigue and 20% stiffer. What we know is that the design makes the perfect, aperture-free platform for a UST tubeless system. Mavic's technological innovations aren't limited to just the rim, they extend throughout every component of the wheelset.
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