Breezer Cloud 9 Elite 29er Mountain Bike 2012

  • Breezer Cloud 9 Elite 29er Mountain Bike 2012
    Breezer Cloud 9 Elite 29er Mountain Bike 2012
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    Breezer 29er Cloud 9 Elite Mountain Bike High Performance Racing BikeNo Shipping ChargeLast year, Joe Breeze's innovative design work on the Breezer 29ers produced the shortest chainstays and the shortest front center on the market. Bike Magazine, a top industry publication in the U. S. , summed up the Cloud 9 as "a surprisingly lively carbon hardtail with a well-balanced attitude and an affinity for tight trails," thus confirming that all Joe's hard work was worth it. In 2012, the Cloud 9 is Joe's top-of-the-line carbon fiber racing frame. The Breezer Cloud 9 Elite is the top-of-the-line racing bike. It's built for pure performance and speed. In designing the 29er bikes, Joe Breeze wanted to make sure they were a step above the rest of the other 29ers. After all, he is the father of the modern day mountain bike. The result is that all the Breezer 29ers benefit from Joe's advanced 29er geometry, offering the advantage of larger wheels while maintaining the precise handling characteristics of Joe's world-renowned 26er designs. About the Breezer D'Fusion Tubing:Breezer D'Fusion tubing strengthens Breezer mountain bikes with a unique D-shape profile on the top and down tubes near the head-tube intersection, as well as at the top tube/seat tube intersection. While riding, significant stress travels through these joints, and D'Fusion tubing's broader cross-section diffuses the stress load over a wider area, reducing the risk of frame fatigue. In the rear triangle, D'Fusion adds rigidity to the chainstays through a wider cross-section while positioning the broad area outboard, reducing chain suck. D'fusion tubing allows Breezer to get rid of ride deadening and heavy gussets and lets the tubing do the lightweight and lively work it was designed to do.
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