Exposure Revo Dynamo Light

  • Exposure Revo Dynamo Light
    Exposure Revo Dynamo Light
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    LEDs have rewritten the way manufacturers design cycling lights, but another game changer has been recent advancements in generator hubs. The Revo Dynamo Light is the first light that Exposure has designed for use with dynamo hubs. The Revo works with modern, six volt dynamo hubs from Shimano, SRAM, and others to offer 800 lumens of light limited only by rider endurance. The Revo is equipped with Stand Light Technology, an auto dimming feature. When you pull up to a stop light, the Revo dims, and will remain lit for ten minutes. This ensures you're visible even when the light doesn't have a power source. As soon as you resume pedaling, the light kicks back up to full power. The Revo also features Smart Port technology to allow use of the Red Eye rear light. Like all Exposure lights, the Revo is constructed from aerospace grade CNC-machined aluminum. This not only helps to dissipate heat from the four powerful Cree XPG R5 Leds housed in the resin lenses, it also offers protection from inclement weather. For extra light once at your destination, the Exposure Revo Dynamo Light can provide up to an hour of light on it's own.
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