Schwalbe Ultremo Ht Tire Tubular

  • Schwalbe Ultremo Ht Tire Tubular
    Schwalbe Ultremo Ht Tire Tubular
    The Schwalbe Ultremo HT Tubular Tire is handmade and designed to help yield every last ounce of speed out of your pedal stroke. To that end, it's been built around an ultra-light latex tube good for a few extra watts when you're giving it all you've got. As you would expect from Schwalbe, this tire has been designed and assembled with great care. The Ultremo HT Tubular Tire offers super low rolling resistance and great durability by using a harder compound rubber in the middle of the tread. Schwalbe accomplished this by reducing the distance between their filler particles, effectively creating a denser, more durable rubber compound. When you ride in a straight line, this means that the internal friction of the rubber has been reduced, and you'll go faster, easier. The rubber compound gets softer towards the shoulders of the tread for inspiring traction through fast corners. The casing, made from 300 tpi polyester, offers a road hugging feel. It's supple and flexible to conform to irregularities in the surface of the tarmac and to rebound. This helps make it faster than a lesser tire with a stiffer casing. An extra layer of Schwalbe's Race Guard puncture belt has been added to increase the durability and reduce the chance for punctures to ruin your day. The Schwalbe Ultremo HT Tubular Tire is a race caliber tire that's durable enough to ride every day. It's available in Black in both 700c x 22 and 700c x 25.
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