Garmin Edge 800 Gps Hrm With Data Card Blue

  • Garmin Edge 800 Gps Hrm With Data Card Blue
    Garmin Edge 800 Gps Hrm With Data Card Blue
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    Garmin's Edge 800 GPS has nearly all of the same functions as their Edge 705, save for the wireless sharing of data from one unit to another. But if you're addicted to the latest technology, you'll love that it comes with the convenience and ease of a waterproof, rugged 2. 6" touchscreen. The full color display is as easy to see in the bright daylight as it is at night, so should you choose to pay attention as you get yourself lost in new territory, you won't have to strain to see the route unfold. And you can see as much or as little info as you like with customizable screens. Of course, it's a Garmin, so this Edge 800 GPS/HRM w/Data Card is fully GPS enabled. It's more sensitive than ever so it'll even work under tree cover, and it uses Garmin's HotFix satellite prediction to allow it to make faster calculations as you ride. It can show you where you are and give you turn by turn directions to get where you want to go. The best part is that data goes two ways with the 800 you can upload maps and routes from your PC or Mac into the Edge 800, and you can download the routes that you've just ridden for analysis or sharing with your friends or the world on the free Garmin Connect website. The cool thing about the sharing idea is that you can search for existing routes on the trails or roads you want to ride in a foreign location and upload them in your GPS so your vacation/ride time is spent efficiently. And like the 705, the Edge 800 is ANT+ compatible. This means that the unit can read wirelessly transmitted data from other on-bike measuring devices. ANT+ transmitters broadcast in a small area at 2. 4 GHz. Thanks to ANT+, the 800 can read information from powermeters, heart rate monitors, and speed/cadence sensors so that you can fine tune, monitor, and analyze each and every ride. In addition to the Garmin Connect site, the 800 works with Garmin's Training Center software, which is compatible with Mac and PC.
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