Stans Notubes Ztr Crest Xx1 27.5 Inch Wheelset

  • Stans Notubes Ztr Crest Xx1 27.5 Inch Wheelset
    Stans Notubes Ztr Crest Xx1 27.5 Inch Wheelset
    Stans Notubes
    What you're looking at might be the most progressive mountain bike product of 2013. The Stan's NoTubes ZTR Crest XX1 27. 5in Wheelset is not only an ultra-lightweight, tubeless mid-size option, but it's also compatible with SRAM's ground breaking XX1 cassette interface. This means that you get all of the benefits of a larger wheel, only without the handicaps, complete with modern through axles and the simpler, single-ring SRAM drivetrain. The Crest 27. 5in Wheelset offers the strength and reliability that long-distance racers and XC riders demand by using Stan's 3. 30 hubs, double-butted spokes, and Crest rims. Stan's was at the forefront of the 29er movement, offering some of the most desirable rims on the market. And not surprisingly, it's keeping that market-leading spirit alive with its 27. 5in offerings. Aside from Stan's award winning sealant, what put the little company from New York on the map was its Bead Socket Technology (BST). In a nutshell, BST rims have a large inner diameter to seal against tire beads. Accordingly, this aids in a simplified tubeless inflation. You'll also find that the low rim sidewall reduces stored energy, allowing the low tire pressures that create a natural, round shape at an increased volume. In fact, Stan's BST rims allow riders to run approximately 30% less pressure than conventional rims. This directly translates into enhanced traction when climbing, descending, and turning along with a more supple ride and lower rolling resistance. With these virtues, it's clear to see why Stan's rims are almost omnipresent on race courses and trail heads alike. The BST equipped ZTR Crest rim is laced to a Stan's 3. 30 hub set. Housed within the hubs are smooth-spinning chromoly cartridge bearings that ride on lightweight 7075 alloy axles. The rear hub body features large, 58mm flanges, while the driveside houses a hardened, 30-point engagement ring. At the non-driveside, Stan's machined the hub in order to reduce weight.
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