Craft Hybrid Weather Glove Mens

  • Craft Hybrid Weather Glove Mens
    Craft Hybrid Weather Glove Mens
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    Winter's icy grip should not adapt itself to the grip of your hand. After all, with the absence of insulating fat and the subjugation to direct windchill, your hands take the brunt of bad weather while you're in the saddle. To combat the cold, Craft made the Hybrid Weather Gloves. A glove within a glove, the Hybrid Weather Gloves not only insulate your hands, but they'll protect them from the snow, wind, and rain as well. If you have four seasons, these gloves will have covered for at least three of them. Craft's Hybrid Weather Gloves are a two-in-one glove made from a blend of exclusive Craft fabrics. For easy shift and brake lever functionality, the exterior of the inner-glove features silicone grippers at the fingers and palm. Additionally, the pointer finger and thumb tips are smartphone compatible, meaning that they can effectively swipe and select on a phone's touch screen. The inner-lining uses the soft brushed Flex fleece fabric that is not only warming, but also adds an extra layer of windproof protection. The exterior of the inner-glove is made from a laminated polyester knit with an elastic microporous film. Together, the layers' fabric blend makes for a hand-conforming glove that's windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable. For colder weather, the inner-glove can be paired with the Vent Air Wind removable mitten. This mitten works as an encapsulating shell that adds additional warmth and element protection to the inner-glove. The mitten is also windproof, waterproof, and features a reflective print for safer night riding. The Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves are available in sizes from X-Small to X-Large, and in the colors Amino and Black.
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